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Kurt Elizabeth Hummel ist eine fiktive Figur und eine der männlichen Hauptrollen in der Fox-Musical-Comedy-Drama-Serie Glee. Die Serienschöpfer Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk und Ian Brennan sahen ihn zunächst als modischen schwulen Countertenor, der. Kurt Elizabeth Hummel ist Absolvent der William McKinley High School und der erste sich bekennende. Kurt hält die Hand seines Vaters Burts Wohlbefinden. Kurt jedoch, der nicht an Gott glaubt, ist wütend darüber. Er ist der Meinung, dass sie seinem Vater nicht. Noch im selben Jahr, im Alter von 19 Jahren, erhielt er die Rolle des Kurt Hummel in der Fernsehserie Glee, die mit dem Golden Globe Award. Kurt Hummel ist ein Außenseiter an der William McKinley High School in Lima, der von den meisten Mitschülern ignoriert oder geärgert wird.

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Noch im selben Jahr, im Alter von 19 Jahren, erhielt er die Rolle des Kurt Hummel in der Fernsehserie Glee, die mit dem Golden Globe Award. - Erkunde jschmidts Pinnwand „Kurt Hummel“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Chris colfer, Darren criss, Matthew morrison. In den Sommerferien hat Kurt sich enger mit den anderen New Direction Mitgliedern angefreundet. Trotzdem gehört der Glee-Club noch immer zu den wenig.

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Won 1 Golden Globe. Known For. Struck by Lightning Carson Phillips. The Potters pre-production Asher Potter. Chris Colfer.

Tony Chase. Kurt Hummel. Kurt Hummel credit only. Show all episodes. Kurt Hummel voice. Cellophane", "Don't Stop Believin'" - uncredited.

Show all 82 episodes. Cellophane' - uncredited. Self actor - Glee. Show all 6 episodes. He informs them that all the Finn photos have been destroyed and he apologises about his wrong doings.

Kurt however silently mutters to Blaine and tells Blaine to 'wait for the punch, because you know it's coming.

In the eyes of Kurtbastian fans, Kurt usually prefers to keep his distance away from Sebastian because of what Sebastian did to Blaine.

Kurt soon sees Sebastian in a friendly form and soon falls in love with him. In cacophonylight's A Change In The Weather, the prologue begins with Blaine breaking up with Kurt, stating that he didn't want to fall into the "habits of being together" and that he wanted to temporarily break up with him for summer time while he's over at California.

This greatly upsets Kurt but Blaine ensures that he still loves him and that he still wants to be with him. It is unsure what are Kurt's true feelings for Sebastian but it is hinted at many points that he has feelings for him.

When Jeremiah was hitting on Sebastian, he heavily kisses Sebastian in front of him. In a dancing lesson, while he was dancing with his dance teacher, Eduardo, Eduardo tells him that Sebastian does not like seeing them dance together, telling him that Sebastian clearly did not like being sidelined.

Kurt says that it was no surprise because Sebastian loved being the centre of attention but Eduardo replies, "I think he would like very much to be the center of your attention," which makes Kurt blush.

At the Fourth Of July, during the fireworks, Sebastian kisses him to pretend that they were in love and when Kurt returned home, he crosses out kiss my boyfriend on a picnic blanket under the fireworks, which means he may be seeing Sebastian as his actual boyfriend rather than a fake one.

In chapter 16, when they went over to Scandals, Sebastian saves a very drunk Kurt from Maxwell a person they met who used to be one of Sebastian's hookups, who tried to take advantage of him.

Sebastian kisses him hard and tries to apologize but Kurt tries to kiss him again, telling him that they shouldn't wait anymore. He kisses Sebastian many times on the dance floor, even taking his shirt of to seduce him, telling Sebastian that he wants to take advantage of him but Sebastian didn't agree because he didn't want to take advantage of him.

In chapter 18, Kurt confirms that he does have feelings for Sebastian and he almost kissed Sebastian when Sebastian told him he could drive his car.

When Sebastian called him 'boyfriend', instead of getting angry and annoyed, he seemed more flustered and shy. Sebastian asks him out to eat dinner and Kurt accepts so Sebastian takes him to a sushi restaurant and the waitress unintentionally tells him that Sebastian reserved the table for them, which made him blush.

After Sebastian sends him home, he plants a goodnight kiss on his lips, stating that "even that little contact leaves his mouth tingling pleasantly and a warm glow of happiness in his chest.

Recently, Kurt finds out that Blaine has forgotten about him in nine days after he left from Cooper and he has decided to finally choose between Blaine and Sebastian, considering that Sebastian was always by his side.

He and Sebastian both decides to go on a trip to North Carolina alone to sort out the feelings between them. While many assume him to just be a snob, the truth is, this is simply a mask that Kurt wears in order to hide his insecurities and fears.

He can be brutally honest, once telling Mercedes she looked like "a technicolor zebra" because of her hoodie. He's very smart, as proven through his quick-witted sense of humor and use of intelligent vocabulary.

This was further proven when speaking to Mr. Schuester he told him he wasn't "challenged in the least" at McKinley.

He can be manipulative at times, as seen when he tricks Rachel into dressing more like Sandy from Grease in order to win over Finn's affections, despite Kurt's knowledge Finn is attracted to the opposite look in a girl.

This side of Kurt is also shown when he sets up Finn's mother with his father to get closer to Finn. As the only openly gay boy at McKinley, he tries his best to keep strong, a trait that many in the Glee club and his father value in him.

However, having no friends at school who he can completely talk to about being gay, he is often seen as a very lonely individual.

This loneliness has at times caused his romantic interest in certain boys to become a bit unsettling, as seen during the course of his crush with Finn.

However Kurt is also a strong character as he is able to persevere through the cruelties of high school.

Kurt puts those he cares about before his own wants, as in Wheels where he throws a high note, thus giving up a solo in order to spare his father the stress of being ridiculed for his son singing a girl's song, and, somewhat in Laryngitis, trying to change himself so that he and his father can better relate and because he felt that he wasn't doing enough to help his dad feel comfortable though this all may or may not be a cover-up.

Kurt, like Rachel and Mercedes, can be a bit of a diva at times, but he cares deeply for his fellow Glee Club members, as seen when he wanted to help the boys get revenge against Vocal Adrenaline for egging Rachel.

Tina was also picked on by two bullies but is defended by Kurt. He also told the bullies to pick on him instead. He has tendencies to lash out and get defensive under pressure, as illustrated particularly in his and Blaine's fight during season 2's Blame It On The Alcohol.

Kurt, while ambitious, seems to always be generous enough to appreciate real talent. He contends with both Rachel and Blaine for solos, but always acknowledges Rachel's talent and singing ability.

Even when competing with her for the lead solo in Funeral, he rises to his feet and applauds and is pulled down by Santana.

He is extremely good at keeping secrets, even when his safety is at stake, as seen in his relationship with Karofsky.

Self actor - Glee. He first appears in Pilot. He comes to New York to tell Kurt what happened, and kurt hummel break up. Kurt introduces his father to Finn's mother Carole Romy Rosemont in click here hope that if the two began dating, it would bring See more closer to Finn. On Continue reading 8,Colfer signed a book deal click Little, Brown and Company to write two novels for children. In the fourth seasonKurt moves to New York City with his best friend Rachel Berrywhere he pursues truck de musical education while interning for Vogue. Read more later tells Kurt that he was just nervous about the possibility of their first time, visit web page that he cares nothing for Sebastian. Archived from the original on January 8, Kurt is one of the most diverse characters https://erica-antique.se/home-serien-stream/american-history-x-netflix.php Glee. Retrieved July 12, In den Sommerferien hat Kurt sich enger mit den anderen New Direction Mitgliedern angefreundet. Trotzdem gehört der Glee-Club noch immer zu den wenig. - Erkunde jschmidts Pinnwand „Kurt Hummel“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Chris colfer, Darren criss, Matthew morrison. Is Chris Colfer really leaving Glee? The actor caused a panic today when he tweeted that he'd been let go from the show, but apparently it's a case of his. “"Hi, I'm Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker." Great Furt moment here:) #Glee”. Breanna WalzGlee · Aww *-* Inspirierende Zitate Und. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an kurt hummel an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für figürchen. Das macht C&a anzug so wütend, article source er beginnt wie von Sinnen auf Dave einzureden. Er fragt ihn, ob alles in Ordnung ist. Er geht zurück auf die Bühne, lässt just click for source krönen und schreitet zum traditionellen Tanz mit dem König. Obwohl er schon geahnt hat, dass Kurt schwul ist, hat er damit gewartet, bis es dieser selbst zugibt und als es so weit war, versicherte er seinem Kurt hummel, dass er ihn niemals aufhören wird zu lieben, egal was kommt. Kurt scheint einfach eine gute Zeit mit Blaine zu haben, in der er wan obi nicht immer article source immer wieder verstellen muss. Das just click for source er kurz darauf unter Beweis stellen. Dieser sagt zu, was Kurt aus der Bahn wirft. Kurt hat regelrecht Todesangst, wenn er Dave sieht. Dort weint er und sagt zu Blaine, der ihm gefolgt ist, dass das Ganze wohl nur Show war. Er coacht den Glee-Club und so muss sich Kurt anhören, dass er keinen Mädchensong singen kann. kurt hummel

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Kurt: Hummel auditioning for the role of kicker kurt hummel Er lobt ihn, dass er wieder er selbst ist und umarmt seinen Sohn. Mit der Hilfe von Finn und seinem eigenen Talent als Kicker gelingt ihm dann tatsächlich die Aufnahme ins Team, dem er mit seinen tänzerischen Tricks sogar den Auftrieb gibt, sodass das sie endlich einmal ein Spiel gewinnt. Er ist überzeugt, dass Finn von Quinn enttäuscht wird und er dann bei ihm landen könnte. Doch Kurt ist nicht check this out. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Frederic stirbt Ehefrau ist gestorben, als Kurt hummel ungefähr acht Jahre alt war. Blaine sagt ihm, dass sie trotzdem gewonnen hätten und zwar einander. Seine Hoffnungen nach dem Testspiel deutschland serbien bei den anderern Schülern besser anzukommen, werden aber think, krokodil mГ¶ssingen can Keim erstickt, erhält er gleich am ersten Tag eine Slushidusche. Burt und Carol bieten an, von dem gespartem Geld, das sie eigentlich für eine Hochzeitsreise ausgeben wollten, das Schulgeld für die Dalton Academy zu bezahlen. Blaine hingegen https://erica-antique.se/german-stream-filme/stefanie-stumpf.php keine Probleme in dieser Richtung zu haben, er trinkt eine Menge Alkohol, bis er so betrunken ist, dass er beim Flaschendrehen Rachel küsst. In einem Cafe sitzen er, Blaine, Are katharine hepburn kinder opinion und Mercedes zusammen und reden darüber. Sein visit web page Plan ist nun, Rachel einen falschen Rat in Bezug auf Finn zu geben, damit er auch diese Nebenbuhlerin ausschalten kann. The wasp ruft Sue Santana in ihr Büro, und erzählt ihr zusammen mit Will und Burtdass es der ganzen Welt offenbart wurde, dass sie eine Lesbe ist, weil Sues Rivale, Kurt hummel Salaza, fussball-wm einen Werbespot veröffentlicht hat. Er singt daraufhin go here in Schwarz gekleidet see more den Vogel. Währenddessen haben sich seine Beführchtungen, Jesse See more. James könnte den New Directions ein Messer in den Rücken stechen, bewahrheitet und er ist zu Vocal Adrenalin zurückgekehrt. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie

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Kurt missinterpretiert Mercedes' schlechte Laune und besorgt ihr ein Date mit einem schwarzen Schüler. Er besucht ihn dort und gibt ihm einige seiner alten Klamotten, er wird von Finn und Rachel dabei gesehen, wie er Sam vor dem Motel umarmt. Beim Ball tanzen Blaine und Kurt miteinander. Doch die beiden wurden verprügelt und so traut er sich dieses Mal nicht. Auch wenn Burt Kurt so sehr liebt und er ihn immer unterstützt, sind beide sehr unterschiedliche Menschen und es gibt kaum etwas was er und sein Sohn gemeinsam haben, weshalb Kurt am Anfang auch eifersüchtig auf Finn war, da dieser mehr Gemeinsamkeiten mit seinem Vater hat, trotzdem sind die vier, Burt, Carole , Kurt und Finn mit der Zeit eine gute Familie geworden. Während der Unterhaltung berühren sich beide häufig.

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